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Past News

RHS / Roe Deer update: Mar 1st 2021. 17:30


For the past 2 months the Hollinwood Managers have been in direct communication with the Head of RHS Bridgewater and his team to work up a plan to re-home the remaining deer from our old site at Middlewood to Hollinwood.  This is a huge step forward and great news for the community we live in.

As Scouts, wildlife is extremely important to us, as is our local community.  We believe in building bridges and improving relations with our neighbours to reach positive conclusions

We know that the RHS have upset many local people but by working together we can protect local wildlife better.  We are confident that RHS Bridgewater are doing everything possible to keep the remaining deer healthy.

If you have any questions about this story please get in touch with us.  Updates will be posted here.

New Hollinwood Website Goes Live: Mar 1st 2021.  17:30


If you're reading this it means you've found our new website!  Well Done!  There's lots of new info for 2021 including our Build Hollinwood project.  We will be adding more information over the coming weeks.

We launch our Build Hollinwood Project: Feb 25th 2021.  19:00


Build Hollinwood is a project that we'd like YOU to get involved in.  Businesses, Organisations, Scouts, Public, Groups, Charities, Media.

Help us Go For A Million  Support us.  Tell your friends, colleagues, businesses and councillors about us.  2021 is going to be big!

Our Iconic Logo gets a Makeover: Feb 20th 2021.  22:30


We've gone technicolor - what do you think?  Did you know that our logo was changed when we moved from Middlewood, to incorporate 8 trees rather than 6.  This is to represent the 8 districts within Greater Manchester West.


Website gets go ahead! Jan 1st 2021.  17:00


Our website is getting a big revamp.  Hope to see you soon!

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