Hollinwood is open!
However, please read, and follow the booking conditions below.
Please ensure that your users (and parents etc) are aware of these conditions too.

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Site usage conditions


  1. Currently all use of the site is by advance booking via this website only.

  2. Booking are NOT confirmed until you have received a CONFIRMATION email.

  3. Where possible all fees should be paid online as per the booking response email

Arrival and Departure

  1. Groups will have staggered start / end times if using Hollinwood on the same day.

i.e. 10th Eccles Cubs arrive at 18:30, 9th Worsley Scouts arrive at 19:00

This may require a slight change to your requested times, we will contact you to discuss if this is required before confirmation.

  1. Arrivals by car via Grange Road must observe the speed limits on the access road. DO NOT drive off the gravel track, the edges are steep and the farmer charges a hefty fee for recovery, use the passing places! Max speed is 10mph on the track.

  2. All barriers and gates must be left as found. Barriers and gates MUST NOT be left ‘open’ for following/late arriving people. The access codes must not be shared on any publicly facing social media, websites, etc. Note: The farmers at Grange Farm will NOT provide access or the code to visitors.

  3. Parents should remain by their cars and not mix with other adults. Parents must not leave the carpark area unless they are part of your group and have been registered on your attendance list.

  4. Groups must retain a register of all persons who attend the session as per national guidelines (parents who drop off/collect but do not leave their vehicles are not required to be registered).

  5. NHS COVID App QR codes are posted at the site entrances and should be used by all eligible persons.

Site Usage

  1. Groups should not leave their allocated area of use whilst at Hollinwood. The areas are:

    1. Main oval field (access by main track)

    2. Small oval field and area to north of this (access by main track)

    3. Cub Field (access by flag green)

    4. Woodland area (access via south culvert)

  2. The staff compound area near bike shelter and containers, surrounding farmers fields and any other areas identified by the camp team during your visit are out-of-bounds for groups.

  3. Site users are to wear their group necker’s or clearly identifying ‘group’ clothing when moving around the site to aid with social distancing (especially when arriving/leaving using the toilet (see below).

  4. Groups must bring their own first aid kit and be self-sufficient in sanitising sprays.

  5. Groups belonging to The Scout Association, Girlguiding UK etc., must have a locally approved Risk Assessment for use of the site.

  6. All fire MUST be off the ground and extinguished on departure. If in doubt as the team members before lighting any fires.

  7. Holes/pits must not be dug without the prior consent of the Camp Warden.

  8. No living trees must be cut or damaged by site users.

  9. Hollinwood currently has NO electricity, or fixed line telephone.

  10. All user created refuse must be removed by groups using the site.

  11. Dogs are not permitted on site beyond the carpark (except for assistance dogs) and must be kept on a lead at all times.


  1. Our port-a-loo can be utilized by any group at any time during their visit

  2. However, clearly this is the place where infection is most likely to spread whilst on site,

  3. The toilet is sanitized before and after a group’s visit, if the site is in use by a single group, the group leaders will be asked to support in cleaning the toilet with site provided materials.

  4. The toilet door must be left open when not in use. (Therefore if the door is shut, the toilet is in use & there is no need to touch the door lock)

  5. As this is a porta-loo only cold water, hand soap and hand sanitiser spray is available at the cubicle.


Finally, enjoy and respect the site, if you’re not sure, ASK!

Site risk assessment for Scout users

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