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Community Days


Corporate Volunteering


Service Crew Weekends (available to Scout and Guide members aged 14+)


Why not bring your group down to Hollinwood for a weekend or a Saturday to help out?  The hours can go towards a campsite service or community badge.  Camping would be free and if you DO stay over, tea on Saturday night is provided by us to say thank you.  Individuals are also welcome.


We're working towards creating new sites, building paths, cutting grass, building fences, planting trees - you name it!  Tools are provided and our crew will be on hand to help you.  These weekends are great fun and vital in helping us build Hollinwood.  It's hard work but rewarding.

Dates for 2022 are listed below.  Drop us an email us if you're interested

March 26th

April 30th

May 28th

June 25th

July 30th

August 27th

September 24th


Crew Member (available to anyone aged 16+.  DBS checks may be required)


The driving force behind everything Hollinwood.  Our crew members are on site every weekend of the year (and most evenings in the spring and summer).


All of our crew members started out as 'occasional helpers' before joining proper so if you can only spare a weekend a month then that's fine.  If you're unsure then why not try a Service Crew Weekend first to see what you think.

The different stages of Crew Membership:

Black Neckerchief

  • Crew member over 16 years

  • Completes 6 full weekends in 1 camping season (April 1st - March 31st)

Black With a Badge

  • Crew member over 17 years

  • Holds a Black Neckerchief

  • Cumulative 18 full weekends across 2 seasons

Black and White

  • Crew member over 18 years

  • Holds a Black With Badge

  • Cumulative 24 full weekends across 3 seasons

  • Completes on-site training

  • At discretion of Camp Wardens

Black and White with Badge​

  • Crew member over 18 years

  • Holds a Black and White

  • Cumulative 36 full weekends across 4 seasons

  • At discretion of Camp Wardens

Crew members with a Black and White can choose which badge they would like; Groundwork or Warden (or both).  Groundwork crew are responsible for maintaining the site.  Wardens are responsible for looking after campers.

Don't worry if this all sounds a bit complicated.  Send us an email if you'd like to know more or are interested.


Community Days (available to NONE-Scout and Guide members any ages)

In 2022 we are hosting 2 Community Days at Hollinwood for local people to come and see the campsite, learn more about us, meet the team and maybe complete some (light!) site work.

This could be planting, cutting some grass, building some bird boxes, planting trees.  All to be decided on the day but if you have a specific idea then please let us know.

The campsite is a great community asset and we want you to know about us!

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Corporate Away Days / CSR (available to employees of a company)

Officially better than a team Go-Karting Session our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Days have been hugely successful.  Between 2017 and 2019 we welcomed Transport for Greater Manchester and Sage Foundation who gave over 400 volunteering hours to Hollinwood.

Sage Foundation have also supported us in our Build Hollinwood project.

This year's CSR dates are:

April 14th

June 17th

August 19th

October 14th

If you're interested then please drop us an email